Walks with Obie – Autumn in Lake Tahoe (Lake Tahoe portrait and fine arts photographer)

An October Walk in the Forest with Obie T. Dogg

Obie T. Dogg and I take two walks a day when we are in Lake Tahoe.  I’m not sure why he demands to take two walks when we are here, but only one walk at home.  He’s a funny dog.  Anyway, we found a new route into the forest yesterday, not too far from our home and Obie always likes to walk in the forest because I can let him off leash (shhh…don’t tell anyone).  I always take my camera with me wherever we go because you never know what you might find.

Fall is such a beautiful time in Lake Tahoe, and I just can’t resist taking lots of photos.  Obie is the most patient dog ever.  He sits down about 10-15 feet from me with his happy face on and waits until I’m done.  Then he charges off ahead of me, constantly looking back to see if I’m coming.  If he notices that I’ve stopped to take photos again, he sits down and waits yet again.  He’s the best walking partner.

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