Bears and More Bears {El Dorado County and Lake Tahoe Fine Arts Photographer}

Three Bears

It’s salmon season at Lake Tahoe, therefore, it’s bear season.  The Kokanee Salmon, who spend their entire lives in Lake Tahoe, are spawning in Taylor Creek.  They turn bright orange/red and become very sluggish during this time of year making them easy pickings for the bears. If you visit Taylor Creek this time of year and you are patient, the bears eventually come down to the stream to fish.  They are generally not too concerned about people so you can observe them in relative safety.

Goldie Bear searching for fish


Goldie hears a dog bark


Up Close and Personal


Baby is exhausted from all the fishing


One of the cubs stands up to look around


One of the cubs sees a fish


A cub searches for salmon


And, if you don’t see any bears…there are always ducks.

Ducks love the salmon roe


It’s a beautiful place and a beautiful time of year.

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